Curriculum Overview


Every student at Freedom Academy of Music Education will work through 3 pillars on the journey to becoming a well rounded musician.

  • Theory
  • Performance
  • Proficiency

Theory: The theory pillar will move students through learning and understanding the basics of the musical language by accomplishing goals set out in our detailed curriculum outline found in your student profile. Learning these basics will help students communicate with other musicians and understand the vocabulary beyond their chosen instrument.

Performance: The performance pillar will move students through learning and understanding the art of live performance. Topics such as, stage presence, learning how to interact with a crowd, the logistics of putting together a show, as well as, troubleshooting and overcoming complications during a performance are just some of the areas that will be covered on the way to accomplishing the goals set forth in this expectation.

Proficiency: The proficiency pillar will move students toward acquiring a competent and comprehensive knowledge of their chosen instrument. From technique, to identifying notes, applying scales, etc. We realize that every student learns in a different way and at a different rhythm. Although our curriculum has established milestones and goals for each student to achieve, the material taught and the way in which these goals are met and satisfied will be tailored to the individual learning needs of each student.