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Live from FAME with Jayna Jennings

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Sit back and relax while you enjoy a unique and intimate live music experience at FAME with Josie Music Awards Vocalist of the Year winner from 2019, 2020 and 2021 Ms. Jayna Jennings!

Freedom Academy of Music Education is proud to present...

Jayna Jennings - LIVE FROM FAME with special guest Garrett Wheeler

"Jayna is a serious songwriter with songs that illustrate true storytelling containing catchy hooks, modern instrumentation, and honest lyrics... Jennings has that raw, untainted originality that gets lost along the way to stardom with some in music... She has something to say and the world is listening. I love her crisp, unapologetic voice; this is a woman who does not err on the side of caution." -Lakisha Skinner of Klef Notes

"Jayna is a singer songwriter with a taste for country and soft rock, which goes so well with her lovely voice. That sweet angel voice is the reason you will want to hear more of her music, and you will be right." -Ghostly Beard

"Jayna is a true musical artist, not just a fabulous singer, she also plays guitar, piano, mandolin, autoharp, and bass. Songwriting is her main passion and she already has an original repertoire of over 50 thought provoking songs...Jayna has her own style and a strong musical identity." -Laughing With The Raindrops

Doors at 8:00pm Music at 8:30pm $10 Admission

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